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Graduate Studies Catalog
(effective Fall 1999)

Graduate Education

Please note: The information in this publication was current as of December 1998 when the text was compiled. Changes including tuition and fees, course descriptions, and financial aid eligibility may have occurred since then. Students are bound by the requirements in effect and as stated in the printed catalog at the time of matriculation. Whether or not a specific course is scheduled for a given term is contingent on enrollment, budget support, and staffing. Verification can be made with the appropriate department or office.

Table of Contents
General Information and Academic Calendar
Graduate Programs of Study and Certification
Graduate Student Policies and Services
Graduate Policies (Admissions, grading, withdrawal, commencement etc...)
Financial Assistance
Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships
Academic Support Services
Computing and Instructional Support Services
Student Support Services
Seymour College Union
Other Offices and Agencies
Graduate Programs
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