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You need to employ a variety of job search methods before you land something. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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  • Attend employer Events on Campus to see who is hiring. Review Tips on How to Attend a Job Fair. (PDF)
  • Access Eagle Links - The College at Brockport Alumni Group, an online database of alumni and friends of The College at Brockport, who are available to speak about particular fields and employers.
  • Use the network you established in your research phase to identify job leads. Identify a target list of companies and create a Marketing Plan (PDF). Pass it by your networking list to see if they have contacts in the organizations you are targeting. Check out these Networking Tips (PDF).
  • Use your Linked In Account to research if anyone you have linked in with has a contact in a company or industry you are interested in.
  • Professional Associations in your field of interest often feature on their websites employment related services (job postings and resume banks). Student membership is usually available at reduced rates. The Gateway to Associations Online is a comprehensive directory to websites of business and Professional Associations.
  • Short-term or temporary positions through employment agencies give you a chance to explore and gain experiences that often lead to full-time employment. Check your telephone Yellow Pages for Employment Agencies in your area.

Research Online Job Postings

Eagle Connect powered by HandshakeBrockport's online database for local and national jobs/internships.,, America's Job Bank: Some of the more popular job boards - also search company websites for job postings.

Careerbuilder: Rochester's local newspaper's online Help Wanted section. Check your local newspaper for openings.

  • Teacher Candidates: Teachers can access some of the following websites Web Resources (PDF) for help finding employment.
  • Government Jobs: Looking for a federal job? Access our booklet on How to Apply for a Federal Job (PDF). USA Jobs is the main website for federal internships and jobs.
  • Veterans: Two places to start looking for positions: USA Jobs and Military Connection.
  • Community-Based Programs: Take a look at Americorps, Peace Corps, as well as The Corporation for National and Community Service for programs where you can provide service to communities.
  • Academic Positions: Chronicle of Higher Education lists over 1,000 jobs listed each week and includes interesting articles about using higher degrees in nonacademic positions.

Other Job Search Help:

Apply for a Position

You are ready to apply for a position(s). All documents, including a cover letter and resume, must be error free. Check with the employer to see if you also need to fill out an application and provide references (PDF). The job posting usually describes the process you need to follow.

Last Updated 8/28/17

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