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Making a lasting first impression requires both a firm handshake and a business card.

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A business card helps you to build your network by providing new connections with your contact information and the opportunity for them to make a quick note to help them remember you.

Business Card Etiquette

As a general rule, when networking you want to give your card at the end of the conversation. You could say, “It was great speaking with you. Here is my card; let’s stay in touch.” This should encourage the other person to give you his/her card too, but if not, kindly ask for it. Avoid casually handing out business cards; this can make a negative impression. After receiving your cards, we encourage you stop by Career Services to talk with a member of the Career Services staff to discuss the proper use of business cards in networking, informational interviews, job fairs, etc.

Student Business Card Policy

Currently enrolled degree seeking College at Brockport students in good standing may purchase business cards with the College at Brockport logo through Career Services. The College at Brockport does not allow student business cards (with the University logo) to be made outside of this program. Please note that this program is for the benefit of all students and is a privilege that may be taken away if abused.

All orders for business cards must be made online. All students must also agree that they will cease using these business cards if they discontinue their studies at The College at Brockport for any reason.

The Office of Career Services reserves the right to not approve business cards which include an unprofessional or inappropriate name, email address etc. The Office of Career Services will notify any students whose cards have not been approved and work with them to resolve concerns.

Ordering and Pickup

Ordering Process

  • Business cards can be purchased at a very low cost: 48 cards for $5!
  • Processing time is approximately one week. Be sure to order your cards early.
  • Don’t worry! We have a pre-formatted template. Just fill out the online form.

Make sure to review the proof prior to submitting your order. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information on the proof is correct.

Pick Up and Delivery

Business cards will be available for pick up from the Barnes and Noble Bookstore located in the Seymour College Union. You will receive an e-mail notification when your business cards are ready. Cards should be ready and available for pick up within one week. Don’t forget your Eagle One ID for identification purposes.


Student business cards may be purchased using cash, check, credit card and Easy Money. If you are not sure how to add Easy Money to your Eagle One ID please visit Payment will be accepted at the time of pick up.

To start the ordering process for your customized student business cards from the College at Brockport, please click on the “Order Now” button below. If you have any questions please contact Career Services, at (585) 395-2159 or

Students may utilize our step by step guide to help with the ordering of their student business cards.

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Last Updated 8/28/17

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