Professor Paine posing with a student dressed up for Cinco de Mayo

Our Bi-weekly meetings will be occurring on Sunday's so it does not conflict with work or school activities

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At our meetings we discuss upcoming events such as Salsa Dancing or Henna. Some meetings we will have small events such as origami or crafts in preparation for our big events, like Cinco De Mayo! Other meetings are just to hang out, get to know new people, and learn about different cultures. We often have our international students join in on these meetings, which is an amazing experience for us and anyone who comes! Occasionally, we will also  have foreign snacks!

The club has several activities planned such as games and cultural appreciation activities:

  • food and music
  • role playing games in Spanish
  • we plan on doing dance lessons
  • jeopardy, homework help etc.

Mostly, we just want to offer the students a place where they can practice their French or Spanish in a friendly environment!

For more information, check out our myBROCKPORT page.

Last Updated 11/9/18

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