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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Champion Award Nominations Being Accepted

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Champion Award recognizes a faculty, staff, student, and alumni who have made outstanding contributions toward advancing the goals of the College’s inclusive mission and purpose. Deadline: February 14.

The award honors and celebrates individuals who have demonstrated excellence through their efforts to create greater diversity, inclusivity, and equitable opportunities within The College at Brockport community and abroad.

In selection of the EDI Award recipients, the Selection Committee will consider creativity, innovation, and creation of opportunities and access, including those that:

* Promote a welcoming and supportive college community

* Promote a diverse perspective

* Facilitate inclusion and/or access

* Develop cultural awareness and competency

* Foster intercultural communication and collaboration

* Enrich learning and facilitate critical thinking

* Advance personal and professional growth

* Build our college community members into increasingly better global citizens

Submission deadline: Friday, February 14, 2020, no later than 5 pm

For additional questions or details, please contact the following:

EDI Award Selection Committee Chair, Ms. Victoria Elsenheimer, velsenhe@brockport.edu or 395-2309

EDI Award Committee Member, Ms. Janet Roy, jroy@brockport.edu or 395-2267

EDI Secretary, Ms. Susan Osher, sosher@brockport.edu or 395-2024



Janet Roy: jroy@brockport.edu

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