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Recommend a student to be a 2020 Orientation Leader!

Do you know a student who would be a great fit for our Orientation Leader team? Please submit a referral form!

What is an Orientation Leader (OL)?

• OLs are representatives of The College at Brockport, who assist with the preparation and implementation of the first-year Golden Eagle Orientation program.

• OLs play a vital role in welcoming new students and their families to our campus.

• OLs understand the complexities of first-year student concerns and are considered a peer resource to assist them as they adjust to campus life.

• OLs provide information about academic policies, programs, campus organizations, and curricular/cocurricular activities.

• OLs assist with orientation events by leading discussion groups and answering questions from incoming students and their families.

• OLs must be culturally competent and show commitment to educate, understand, and respect one another in a safe environment.

We're looking for your help to identify students to serve in this important role. Please complete the attached 2020 Orientation Leader Referral Form and we will reach out to this student directly to provide more information.

Visit our website or contact Kathryn Warren for more information. Thank you for your help!



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