Polar Plunge 2020: The College at Brockport

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Polar Plunge 2020

February 9, 2020 12:00 pm–2:00 pm

Polar Plunge is Sunday, February 9, and we would love to have your participation to help raise awareness and money for the Special Olympics! Join us as we go on our journey where we will be “Freezin’ For A Reason!”

Polar Plunge, organized by Special Olympics New York, aims to raise awareness and money towards sports training and competition, health, and inclusion programs for individuals with intellectual disabilities in our community.

This year, Polar Plunge is Sunday, February 9, at noon. We would love to have your group's involvement in any way possible, whether that be through fundraising efforts or plunging.

Through Student Union and Activities in collaboration with other departments, we will have plenty of fundraising activities going on all throughout the weeks before the event, but we would love to have more help! This could mean doing your own fundraisers in your respective department or joining the College at Brockport team and making your friends and family donate under your name. Our goal this year is to raise $3,500, and with your help, I'm sure we could do it!

To get involved:

1) Register on the Polar Plunge Website (below) and join the “College at Brockport” team to assist in Brockport’s fundraising goal of $3,500!

2) Spread the word through sharing your personal profile in emails, on social media, and through word of mouth!

3) Participate and volunteer in campus-wide fundraisers!

To Sign Up:

Visit polarplunge.net

Click “Register to plunge”

Then click “Join a team”

Find our team: “College at Brockport”

Create a username and password.

Create a profile.

Set a personal fundraising goal and make an optional donation.

If you want to sign up with a club or department, simply add it to your last name (e.g., if John Doe worked in the Union, he could sign up by saying his first name was John, and his last name was Doe-Union).

If you have any questions about Polar Plunge or fundraising, please feel free to contact me, Chitsatt Myothant, at cmyothant@brockport.edu or at 395-5645.

Thank you so much for your participation, and we look forward to seeing you on February 9, where we will all be “Freezin’ For A Reason!“



Chitsatt Myothant

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