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WMS Students publish sixth volume of Dissenting Voices eJournal

Dissenting Voices is a faculty-reviewed eJournal featuring the capstone projects of Women and Gender Studies Senior Seminar students.

Cover Image, Dissenting Voices v6

The Women and Gender Studies (WMS) Program is proud to announce publication of the sixth volume of Dissenting Voices (DV), a faculty-reviewed journal featuring the capstone projects of Women and Gender Studies Senior Seminar students.

Dissenting Voices volume six is the largest volume to date, representing ten authors who write across a wide span of topics important to the Women and Gender Studies discipline. Readers are invited to discover how WMS student authors carry out their commitment to inclusive community building and feminist activism boldly envisioned and initiated by the founders of Dissenting Voices.

Volume six can be accessed via the link displayed below.

Editor-in-Chief Barbara LeSavoy envisioned Dissenting Voices as a women and gender studies publication that would bring to light undergraduate creative agency realized on the cusp of feminist knowledge. Her senior seminar undergraduates continue to be inspired by that vision. DV6 features a unique cover portrait that is a photographic composite of one identity characteristic of each person in the WMS 421 Senior Seminar course. The abstract painting of vivid colors that frames the portrait represents the brilliant minds that have intertwined to create this volume. The use of different colors represents each student's diverse background, that when put together, becomes radiant. The hand print placed on the chest represents their extension to others and prompts readers to join the WMS students in the fight for social justice. The journal's back cover displays images of knuckles with the word “feminist” written in calligraphy, positioned to leave readers with something other than a blank ending. This photographic composite is meant to create a new face of dissent. The cover design is by Mel Brown, WMS '18. Calligraphy is by Sara Connor, SOC, WMS '16.

WMS graduate Maggie Rosen was the Copy Editor for this volume, contributing over 100 hours to ensure each article met APA format. Managing Editor Pat Maxwell guided implementation and publication. Editorial Board members are Tristan S. Bridges, Barbara Mitrano, and Milo Obourn.

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