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"Structure of Us" Art and Dance Faculty Collaboration at Fringe Festival

Kitty Hubbard, Associate Professor in the Department of Art, and Tammy Carrasco, Assistant Professor in the Department of Dance, are presenting a site specific interdisciplinary performance/installation at Rochester Fringe Festival this coming weekend.

This show evolves through each performance, alluding to the metaphor of building as body, and poignantly comments on the cyclical behaviors of time, aging, regeneration, and repair. In collaboration with Brandon Whited, Assistant Professor in Dance at UC Santa Barbara, the artist/performers are creating a unique experience for viewer/participants at Makers Gallery and Studio, an alternative arts venue run by Brockport art alumnus Alex Gruttadaro in downtown Rochester. Viewers are invited to consider themselves as not only bystanders, but active participants and critical aspects of the work’s design.

"Structure of Us" challenges audiences to see beyond the possibilities of art and dance into a conceptual and physically explored dimension of performance, where collaboration between three thriving artmakers yields new opportunities to engage with art in an unconventional performance space and alternative approach to framed artwork and dance on traditional stage. This project has also been adjudicated into the Charm City Fringe Festival in Baltimore to be presented in November 2017.

contact: Kitty Hubbard,; Tammy Sugden-Carrasco,
submitted: Sun, Sep 10, 2017 by khubbard
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