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SAVE THE DATE: Wed., Oct. 25, 7 pm in Union Ballroom, ADP Lecture, Crazy LOVE: Surviving Relationship/Domestic Violence

Leslie Morgan Steiner is an expert on violence against women and author of Crazy Love: A Memoir. She will be sharing her story of courage in her lecture, Crazy Love: Surviving Relationship/Domestic Violence.

At 22, Leslie Morgan Steiner seemed to have it all: a Harvard diploma, a glamorous job at Seventeen magazine, a funky New York City apartment. Plus a handsome, funny, street-smart boyfriend who adored her. But behind a façade of success, this golden girl hid a dark secret: her husband was abusing her.

At first Leslie and Conor seemed as perfect together as their fairytale wedding. Then came the fights she tried to ignore: he pushed her down the stairs of the house they bought together, poured coffee grinds over her hair as she dressed for a critical job interview, choked her during an argument, and threatened her with a gun. Several times, he came close to making good on his promise to kill her. With each attack, Leslie lost another piece of herself.

Gripping and utterly compelling, New York Times bestseller Crazy Love takes you inside the violent, devastating world of abusive love. Why did Leslie stay? She thought she loved him. Find out for yourself if she had fallen truly in love – or into a psychological trap.

FREE and OPEN TO ALL! One of many events for October -- Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

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