How to Schedule & Request an Accomodated Test

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How to Fill Out an Accommodation Letter Request Form

SAS will no longer be providing paper copies of the accommodation request form. In order to fill out an request form, use our MachForm. Please follow the instructions below to ensure the form has been filled out properly. For detailed instructions on how to fill out the MachForm, please watch our instructional video.

Accommodated Letter Request Form

Video on How to Fill Out the Accommodation Letter Request Form

How to Schedule an Accommodated Test

  1. Open our "Blue Sheet" MachForm
  2. Fill out the MachForm with the student and professor, and course information
  3. Fill out all accommodations that apply to the student and the amount of extra time needed for the test
  4. Make sure to select the appropriate option near the bottom of the MachForm that relates to conflicting class schedules and your other courses
    1. If you chose the second option, please propose three alternative dates and times that your professor can choose from as an alternative day for taking the test
  5. Click "Continue" near the bottom of the form.
  6. Review your request and click "Submit" at the bottom of the form
For further instruction on how to fill out the MachForm, you can watch our instructional video.

Last Updated 5/26/21