Immunization Information

The following requirements must be completed before classes begin or you will be deregistered and not permitted to attend classes. In addition, a hold will be placed on your account and you will be charged a fee to re-register for the classes.

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Required Immunizations

1. MMR

ALL registered students, regardless of number of credits taken, born during or after 1957 must provide proof of immunity against measles, mumps, and rubella or vaccination of 2 Measles, 1 Mumps, 1 Rubella.

2. Meningitis

Provide proof of vaccine given in last five years or decline the vaccine through the patient portal.

How to meet the Meningitis Requirement
  1. Check to see if the meningitis information* is in your health records you sent to the Health Center in your online patient portal, MyHazen.
  2. If not, complete the online form in MyHazen to decline the vaccine.
  3. If you choose to receive the shot, vaccines are available at:
    • Your Health Care Provider – call ahead to check on availability
    • Rite Aid Pharmacy: (585) 637-1151
    • Wegmans Pharmacy: (585) 637-6855
    • Monroe County Health Department: call (585) 274-6151 for further information about their services

*Please note, meningitis vaccinations are invalid if they are more than five years old. If your meningitis vaccine will become invalid during the current school year, please arrange to have the vaccine administered to you and provide the Health Center with record of your new vaccine. Or, you may decline the vaccine on the patient portal if you have read the meningitis information sheet and believe this is the best decision for you.

3. COVID-19 (for Residential Students, Student Athletes & Club Sports Participants ONLY)

Residential Students (students who live in a residence hall or student townhomes) and student athletes (both residential and living off-campus), including club sports participants, are required to be fully vaccinated by Aug. 30, with limited exemptions.

We strongly encourage all students to get the COVID-19 vaccine before arrival to campus, as the the vaccine will be required for all when it receives FDA approval.

Make sure your COVID vaccine is uploaded to the patient portal, so we that know how much of the campus population is immunized in order to better protect and serve our community.

More information about the Vaccine Requirement

To check if your COVID-19 vaccine is on file with the Health Center:

  1. Sign in to the Patient Portal using your NetID & password
  2. Go to the “Immunizations” tab 
    • From drop down, select “View History”
    • At the bottom, click the green “Print” button
    • All vaccines will be displayed
  3. If your COVID vaccines are on file and accurate, NO further action is needed. 

If your COVID-19 vaccines are not on your immunization list:

  1. Go to the “Upload” tab.
  2. From the drop down menu, select “COVID Vaccine Records” and “Select File”. 
  3. Attach, then click “Upload”.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view the document. 

How do I get my immunization records sent to the Health Center?

New York State requires students to provide immunization records by the start of classes. We must receive your immunization records before classes start to avoid de-registration of classes.


Upload the immunization records to the patient portal, MyHazen.

To Obtain Records

  • Ask your primary care physician, pediatrician, high school or former college to send the records to Hazen.
  • If you are serving or have served in the military, you may bring/send your records or inform us of your service.
  • Have your immunization records sent or faxed to:

Hazen Center for Integrated Care
Student Health Center
SUNY Brockport
350 New Campus Drive
Brockport, NY 14420
Fax: (585) 395-2559

  • Transfer Students: Immunization records are not automatically forwarded with your academic transcript. You must contact your previous college to request your immunization records or check their website for the ability to print off your immunization records to be sent to Brockport.

Print Your Immunization Records

Immunization Reference Info

Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR)

New York State Public Health Law #2165 requires all students born on or after January 1, 1957, to provide proof of immunity against measles, mumps, and rubella.


Two doses of live measles vaccine (administered after 1967):

  • First dose given no more than 4 days before first birthday
  • Second dose after 15 months of age and at least 28 days from first dose.
  • Combined MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine is recommended for both doses.
  • OR Titer date and result – NOTE: If your titer test does not indicate immunity, you will need to receive the vaccine, per NYS law. 


  • One dose live mumps vaccine received no more than 4 days before first birthday.
  • OR Titer date and result – NOTE: If your titer test does not indicate immunity, you will need to receive the vaccine, per NYS law. 


  • One dose of live rubella vaccine received on or after first birthday.
  • OR Titer date and result – NOTE: If your titer test does not indicate immunity, you will need to receive the vaccine, per NYS law. 


New York State Public Health #2167 also requires postsecondary students to understand the risks and recommendations of meningococcal meningitis vaccination. Review the Meningitis Information Sheet.

Last Updated 7/29/21