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SUNY Brockport's graphic identity is used to portray our brand as a college while maintaining a uniform look that is easily identifiable by the public.

SUNY Brockport Logo

SUNY Brockport offers three different official versions of the College's logo. Use of the College logo should follow within the parameters set by the Office of College Communications.

College Colors

The College's color palette consists of a primary, secondary, and tertiary set. Each set of colors serve a specific purpose for highlighting the College's identity while maintaining a uniform look across all mediums.

Ordering College Stationery

Our stationery—including business cards, envelopes, and letterhead—can be ordered online for all college departments and offices.

PowerPoint Template

Employees at the College are encouraged to use our official SUNY Brockport PowerPoint template for any presentations that they create and plan to share for both internal and external audiences.

Last Updated 4/19/22