Grade Point Average (GPA) at the Graduate Level

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Category Name: Student
Responsible Unit: Center for Graduate Studies
Responsible VP: Provost and VP for Academic Affairs
Adoption Date: Senate resolution #32 2001-2002
Last Revision Date: June 2009
Last Review Date:
Shared governance: none

Policy Statement

An explanation of how and when the GPA is calculated at the graduate level, including what GPA is required for graduation.




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Policy Procedures

Calculation of Grade Point Average (GPA) at the Graduate Level

For students admitted fall 2003 or later, all graduate courses completed and/or attempted are included in determining a graduate student's official semester GPA and cumulative GPA. The cumulative GPA is calculated at the end of the spring, summer, and fall semesters.

GPA Required for Graduation at the Graduate Level

An overall cumulative Brockport graduate GPA of at least 3.0 is required for graduation.

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History (in descending order)

Item Date Explanation
Next Review Date June 2012 Three-year review
Adoption Date 2001-2002 Policy Adopted


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