Professional Education Unit Policy for the Assessment of Education Professionals

Faculty, Instructor, and College/Clinical Supervisors Responsibilities

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Category Name: Academic Affairs and Research
Responsible Unit: Professional Education Council
Responsible VP: Provost and VP for Academic Affairs
Adoption Date: November 30, 2011
Last Revision Date:
Last Review Date:
Shared governance: none

Policy Statement

Faculty, instructors, and college supervisors must complete key assessments of candidate performance by established deadline dates.



This policy will be distributed to faculty, instructors, and college supervisors in hiring information, and, job performance programs and evaluations. All named must adhere to this policy.


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Policy Procedures

The Professional Education Unit has unit and program assessments of candidate performance that are required to evaluate the continuous improvement of our students and for national accreditation. These assessments, called key assessments, are developed, administered, and assessed in courses identified by program faculty. The key assessments are assignments or observations in the required courses. The knowledge and skills assessed by the key assessments are developed throughout the program.

All faculty, instructors, and college supervisors of courses with key assessments are required to complete the key assessments by the established deadline date using the assessment instrument, scoring guide or rubric, and assessment method approved by the Professional Education Council, the governing body of the Professional Education Unit at SUNY Brockport.

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History (in descending order)

Item Date Explanation
Next Review Date November 30, 2014 Three-year review
Adoption Date November 30, 2011 Policy Adopted


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