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Category Name: Administration and Operations
Responsible Unit: College-wide Policy
Responsible VP: President
Adoption Date: December 10, 2015
Last Revision Date:
Last Review Date:
Shared governance: none

Policy Statement

Rules for posting posters, banners and signs on College property.




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Policy Procedures

Posters and other printed advertising can be posted only on bulletin boards not designated for specific purposes. Use of windows, glass doors, walls, elevators, the outside of any building, trees or light posts is prohibited.

A. All posting material for the campus except residence halls must first be approved by the individual building managers. Postings within residence halls must be approved by the Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities. This is to ensure that items are posted in areas approved by the college for posting, does not present a hazard to the public, and does not damage College or private property.

B. Any large banner must be approved by the Student Union and Activities office before it is posted within the Seymour College Union.

C. Posting in the residence hall must be approved by the Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities.

D. Individuals wishing to post commercial advertisements, which relate directly to the student population, must register the name of a contact person, address, and phone number with the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs.

E. A copy of the Campus Posting Policy is available at the Information Desk of the Seymour College Union.

F. Non-adherence to this policy will result in the removal and disposal of the materials.

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History (in descending order)

Item Date Explanation
Next Review Date December 10, 2018   Three-year review
Adoption Date December 10, 2015   Policy Adopted
Draft Review Date Draft Policy under 30-day Campus Review


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