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Informational Holds for QuikPAY Refund Direct Deposit & Payment Plan Participants

As a participant in either the College's payment plan or the QuikPAY refund direct deposit option, you may notice an entry in Web Banner that says: "Holds on your records will prevent you from obtaining College services. You will need to contact the Office under Originator as indicated below regarding clearance."

Administrative Holds

Hold Type From Date To Date Amount
Payment Plan Direct Deposit Enrollment June 1, 2011
May 11, 2011
Dec 31, 2099
Dec 31, 2099
Reason Originator Processes Affected
  info only: payment plan
info only: direct deposit

These holds are considered informational only; they will not prevent you from receiving College services. They are used solely as an identifier to ensure that your QuikPAY account transactions are processed securely and accurately. If you have any questions regarding these informational holds, please contact our office at (585) 395-2473 or

Past Due Balance Holds on Student Records

SUNY policy mandates that a hold be applied to any student account wherein a delinquent account balance exists. This hold bars the student from receiving current and future course registration privileges, and prevents the release of transcripts and/or diploma(s). The hold cannot be appealed, and will remain in effect until the outstanding balance (or other requirement) has been fulfilled.

Holds will be assessed to student accounts for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the following:

  • a check (both paper or electronic) used for payment is returned by the bank unpaid
  • a credit card payment is reversed by the bank
  • student owes a balance that has been billed and unpaid by the payment due date, and/or
  • student eligibility for financial aid awards (loans, grants) is revoked, and financial aid funds have been removed from the student account

To avoid having a hold placed on an account, students should ensure that their individual account is paid in full by the specified due date (as indicated on the monthly bill generated by the Office of Student Accounts and Accounting).

Last Updated 5/26/21